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Fostering effective, resilient professionals, boards, and teams equipped with tools critical to become thriving contributors to their "inner circle” of colleagues, organizations and communities. 




  1. encourage or promote the development of (something or someone, typically something regarded as good).

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hello, i'm


I am passionate about servant heart leadership, and significantly equipped to foster, encourage, guide and strengthen those in pursuit of such.


Professionally, I’ve enjoyed more than 26 years of experience, initially providing direct services to clients, serving as president on a board of directors, then accomplishing success and fulfillment running non-profits; and later by facilitating meaningful development training in leadership, strategic planning, non-profit governance, board roles and responsibilities, interprofessional communication, team dynamics, self-awareness and self-care, managing secondary trauma, and psychological safety across the country. 

I also serve as a contract National Accreditation Site Reviewer for the National Children's Alliance and provide training and technical assistance to Child Advocacy Centers and multi-disciplinary teams across the country. 


Vehemently devoted to the collective shift from “survival” to professionally thriving; I empower various organizations and teams – developing critical tools for effectiveness, synergy, self-awareness, coping and self-preservation.  I serve through compassion, encouragement, and understanding, guiding others’ stewardship journeys as a catalyst for becoming healthy contributors to their ”Inner Circle” of colleagues, organizations and communities.


As I witness healthcare and trauma professionals, first responders, teachers, leaders, and other frontline workers exit the workforce en masse due to management-related frustrations, profound emotional strain, repeated secondary trauma, and consistent exposure to immense psychological stressors (heightened by a pandemic, societal discord, and staff shortages); I am compelled to act.  These trials cannot be undertaken alone – leaders and teams must be part of and committed to the solution.  Many don’t know where to start. I will be your guide – and I look forward to serving. Together, we can uniquely tackle your painful people challenges. Reach out to me today and let’s explore how.

Leaders & Teams

Customized leadership and team training and facilitation can be conducted one-on-one or in a group setting. Participants will develop strong self-awareness while learning and incorporating strategies for becoming more effective leaders and healthy, productive, synchronistic teams. 

Individual Professional Growth & Development

Intensive training and facilitation are available to guide professionals through a self-discovery process revealing and realigning individuals with their CORE psychological needs, their preferred way of interacting and cognitive processes.

Health Care Providers, Trauma Professionals, First Responders, Front-line Workers, Teachers & Caregivers

Compassionate, critical training in and development of strategies for professionals to build resilience, as well as the provision of resources and strategies to help organizations create their own vicarious trauma and resiliency tool kit.

Melissa is incredibly skilled at making everyone on a project feel seen, heard and included in the process. Through her genuine curiosity and thoughtfulness she has helped numerous teams and organizations design sustainable strategies for meeting their goals, all rooted in a deep caring for the human aspects of getting the work done. I would highly recommend Melissa to any organization looking for support.

- Kori Stephens, Founder - Resonance Rising

Melissa has been a friend and professional colleague for many years, and her compassionate engagement paired with a true desire to assist her clients is interwoven throughout her work. Melissa is extremely thoughtful and attentive in her work and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her in numerous diverse and impactful ways over the years. I know you will too!

- Chris Newlin, Executive Director - The National Children’s Advocacy Center


Melissa joined our certification courses in 2018 to go through her own personal and professional self-discovery and to train on personality type differences with leaders and teams she was working with in a very challenging field. She completed all 3 of the rigorous core Certification Courses and practicum requirements with flying colors. She is a caring and dedicated Certified InterStrength™ Self-Discovery Practitioner and actively participates in our Mentorship Circle where she helps other practitioners by sharing what she successfully applied in her field over the years. I am very pleased to have her in our community and to recommend her work to leaders and teams across the country.

- Dr. Linda Berens, Founder - InterStrength

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