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hello, i'm


Founder | Trainer & Consultant

I am a wife, bonus mom, modern quilt pattern designer, encourager and a supporter of others. From an early age, my passion has revolved around supporting others' growth, development and successes in life. I enjoy unifying diverse peoples and helping them to thrive individually and as teams within organizations. I lead and guide through the lens of my two core values, understanding and compassion. I am a lifelong learner and have spent several years on my own journey of self-discovery, building resilience, and developing professionally as a leader.

After spending 26 years providing direct services, leadership and training in the non-profit sector, I founded Inner Circle Training and Consulting. 

At our core, we all want to be effective, work well with others and bounce back from challenges. It can be difficult to accomplish this without the proper tools, strategies, and guidance.

I am fiercely committed to and equipped for supporting individuals, teams and organization through modalities and strategies that help them become more self-aware, effective, and resilient.


Regardless of our roles, we are all leaders because we influence others. As leaders we strive for an 'inner circle' of people we trust, depend upon, feel safe being ourselves with (psychological safety), receive constructive feedback from, provide alternative points of view and model good self-care and self-awareness. A balanced, diverse and healthy 'inner circle' is vital for organizations to thrive. I am driven to foster awareness and provide tools for individuals be good stewards of “self-first”, therefore contributing to a healthy 'inner circle' of colleagues, teams and communities.  

Professional Credentials - Bachelors in Psychology, Certified InterStrength™ Self-Discovery Practitioner in Interaction Styles, Essential Motivators and Cognitive Dynamics, InterStrength™Mindfully You Coach, Certified MBTI™ Practitioner, Empathic Strain/Compassion Fatigue Educator through the Tend Academy,  Dare to Lead™ Trained, Resonant Leader Lab graduate through Resonance Rising and a National Accreditation Site Reviewer for the National Childrens Alliance . 

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